The Impossible Thornburger € 10,-
Angus beef burger (200gr), cheddar cheese, tomato, grilled onion, fried egg, bacon, pickled cucumber, Thornbridge burger sauce and French fries. Flemish mayonaise on top.

Spareribs € 12,50
Home made sweet and spicy ribs, French fries and sweet 'n sour. Flemish mayonaise on top.

Roti € 10,-
Curry dish with chicken leg, roti pancake, boiled egg, snake beans and sweet 'n sour.

Chicken Satay € 10,-
Grilled marinated chicken thighs on sticks (2 x 100gr) and Thornbridge satay sauce. Home made sweet 'n sour and French fries. Flemish mayonaise and prawn crackers on the side.

Saoto Soup € 5,-
Chicken soup with Asian herbs, pulled chicken, boiled egg, mini chips, rice noodles, onions and fresh celery. Optional spicy Mme Jeanette soy sauce.

Vega Burger € 10,-
Crispy vegetable burger (150gr), cheddar cheese, tomato, grilled onion, fried egg and Thornbridge burger sauce. Served with home made French fries and Flemish mayonaise on top.

Chef's Special
Ask our staff for today's special!

English Breakfast € 10,-
English sausages, eggs, bacon, baked beans, buttered toast, oven baked tomato with cheese.
(Only served on Sunday between 11:00 - 14:00.)

Ask the staff for information about allergies!

Our kitchen is opened through the following hours:

  • Sunday through Thursday from 17:00 - 20:00
  • Friday and Saturday from 17:00 - 21:00
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